Abatement Technologies H055UVR MERV 13 Filter - 16x25x5

Abatement Technologies H055UVR | Our#: 177947

Abatement Technologies H055UVR UV-Resistant MERV 13 Media Filter

  • MERV 13 Rated
  • Change Every 6 Months
  • 16x25x5" Nominal
  • 15⅝x24¼x4½" Actual
  • Original Manufacturer Part
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Abatement Technologies H055UVR UV-Resistant MERV 13 Media Filter

(Dimensions - Nominal 16x25x5)

This factory original (OEM) filter is an important component of the CAP50 Series whole house air purifier from Abatement Technologies.  This filter serves as the "final" filter in the system and uses a specialized UV-resistant media.  The MERV 13 rating of the filter means 99% of particles 6 microns or larger are captured and removed from the air in your home.  The deep pleated media filter provides ample surface area for filtration and long service life.


  • Fits both CAP50-UV and CAP50-UVP Purification Systems
  • Features unique, UV-resistant filter media that withstands prolonged exposure to UV lamps
  • Rated MERV 13
  • Captures 99% of particles 6 microns or larger
  • Replace filter every 6 months
  • Factory original product from Abatement Technologies (NOT a generic copy)
  • Nominal 16x25x5
  • Foam gasketing on filter insures tight fit and eliminates air bypass