Abatement Technologies PAK100 Yearly Kit

Abatement Technologies PAK100 | Our#: 177960

Abatement Technologies PAK100 Yearly Kit

  • Change Every 6 Months
  • Original Manufacturer Part
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Abatement Technologies PAK100 Filter Yearly Kit

Maintain your Abatement Technologies CAP100-U purification system with this complete yearly maintenance kit.  The PAK100 kit includes the following components:

- H105 MERV 11 Final Filter - 20x25x5 - change bi-annually
QTY 12 - H101 Fiberglass Disposable Filters - 20x25x1 - change monthly

The CAP100 Series Air Purifiers from Abatement Technologies can help improve indoor air quality by capturing many of the pollutants that can trigger allergic reactions. CAP100 Series Central Air Cleaners are designed to capture up to 97% of the airborne dirt particles, mold and fungal spores, pollens and other particulates flowing through your central HVAC system that low-efficiency 1-inch HVAC filters miss.