16x25x5 AIRx ALLERGY Field Controls # 46568500 Replacement Air Filter - MERV 11

AIRx 16x25x5AB-ALLERGY | Our#: 178019
2 pack

Replacement for Field Controls # 46568500 Air Filter - 16x25x5

  • MERV 11 Rated
  • Change Every 6 Months
  • 16x25x5" Nominal
  • 15⅝x24⅛x4⅞" Actual
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Replacement for Field Controls # 46586000 Air Filter - 16x25x5 (2-Pack)

Actual Size - 15-3/4" X 24-1/4" X 4-7/8"

This filter, an after-market replacement for Field Controls #46586000, features a quality, pleated design made with sythetic media and a sturdy beverage board frame. The pleated design means greater surface area for capturing more dust and dirt, while not sacrificing air flow through your system. The beverage board frame is moisture resistant to protect against microbial growth and retain the structure of the filter and the media. By replacing your air filter regularly, you will experience better quality air, have fewer allergens, particulates, and bacteria circulating in your home, and reduce the strain on your HVAC unit.

NOTE: This filter is not manufactured by Field Controls.


Replaces Field Controls # 46586000 / FC11-1625HS
Fits Field Controls Air Cleaner Model FC8 2000
Replaces Media Model # FCRM11-1625


  • MERV 11 Moisture resistant frame 
  • Moisture resistant frame remains sturdy even in high humidity 
  • Rust resistant galvanized wire downstream gives the filter rigidity and holds media in place after installation 
  • Built-in support fingers hold pleats in place and allow for maximum dust holding
  • Foam gasket helps seal the filter into the air cleaner and prevents dust from bypassing the filter