4204490 Refrigerator Water Filters

EcoAqua Replacement For 4204490 Filter

EcoAqua EWF-8003A | Our#: 180230
EcoAqua Replacement for Sub-Zero 4204490 Refrigerator Filter, 3-Pack
3 pack

EcoAqua Replacement for Sub-Zero 4204490 Refrigerator Filter

  • Change Every 6 Months
  • 20 - 100 PSI
  • 33 - 100 °F
  • 600 Gallon Capacity
  • 0.78 GPM Flow Rate
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Case of 3 Filters, $28.99 each
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The 4204490 is compatible with the following obsolete or alternate filter part numbers:

How To Install The 4204490 Filter:

  • Lift the grille assembly to access the water filter.  To lift the grille, pull out on the bottom edge of the grille and tilt the grille frame forward.
  • Slowly rotate the old filter cartridge 1/4 turn counterclockwise to disengage.  Gently twist until the cartridge is free from base.  DO NOT PULL.
  • Line up new cartridge so that the locking tabs can be inserte info the filter head.
  • Rotate the filter cartridge into the base about 1/4 clockwise until it stops.  DO NOT overtighten.
  • After the new filter cartridge is installed, the first full bucket of ice produced should be discarded.  This will help clean the water system and clear air from the line.